Wedding Planning Stress (And how to Cope With It)

Bridezilla. The term we all know and dread from the reality TV show series. We define her as a crazy possessive bride-to-be who cries over small issues and tends to be overly dramatic. Not to mention, we NEVER want to become her.

Let’s face it; it’s actually hard not to become her! The amount of detail that goes into planning a wedding is practically immeasurable, and for the most part, it’s ALL on the bride. 

Realizing the Symptoms of Stress

Before you can fix the problem, you have to be aware of it. Many brides will ignore the issue, which will only allow it to strive. Balancing work, bills, an education, and wedding expenses is an extreme set of tasks to handle at once. It is NORMAL to feel overwhelmed! However, no bride should spend what should be the most exciting days of her life in a storm of angry emotions. 

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy


Go to a yoga class. Go to the gym. Go out for drinks with your bridal party. Cuddle up with your future hubby on the couch. Do whatever it is that normally alleviates your stress! It is important to be around friends or family who can bring humor and a shoulder to cry on when needed. Remember–laughter is the best medicine.

Say What’s on Your Mind

This goes for both vendors and family/friends/bridal party. Don’t be afraid to be up front with your suppliers, because you have a budget that you need to stick to. 

Be honest with those close to you, as well, but be considerate of your manners. For the next year (or however long it may be), your friends and family will mention the wedding at least twice every time they see you. If you don’t want to talk about it, just tell them. If the groomsmen are complaining about their suits, tell them to talk to your fiancé. After all, there are TWO people involved in this marriage, right? 

Do NOT Overthink Small Issues

Get it through your head now–not everything will go as planned. There will be bumps down the road, and some sacrifices will have to be made. When it’s all over, it won’t matter if you couldn’t afford centerpieces filled with peonies and roses. I can’t even remember what the centerpieces looked like at the last wedding I went to (which was two weeks ago). Before you freak out, ask yourself–am I going to care about this in ten years?

Become Organized!

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Map it allllllll out. Dedicate one notebook to wedding planning and plan in order of events. Engagement photoshoot, engagement party, sending out save the dates, booking your DJ, your photographer/videographer, your budgets–you name it. Once it’s all written on paper, planning becomes that much easier. Consider even creating a scrapbook of swatches and photos of floral designs or venue interiors, so your suppliers will get a sense of what you truly desire! 

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