The Skin Routine Every Bride Needs to Try

The amount of stress that comes with planning a wedding is unbelievable and the last thing you want is a big ole’ whitehead in the middle of your on your big day. Makeup does work wonders, but you won’t have the time for touch ups in the middle of your reception. We tested out several skin routines and found one that cleared our breakouts in just three days. The photos provided are linked to where you can purchase each item!

First and foremost, this will not break the bank especially because all of these products should last you a while.

We don’t know how we once lived without this face wash. Dr. Bronner’s line of products is absolutely amazing and works so well with the skin. Normally during a breakout, applying diluted tea tree oil to the pimples dries them out making them go away sooner. So, we figured we’d give this a shot. Using a face brush, we began washing twice a day-morning and night. (It is very important to take your makeup off at night, ladies!) Immediately, our skin felt cleaner and began getting clearer, as well. However, this soap can be a bit harsh towards sensitive skin, so start out using it once a day to see how your skin reacts.

This alcohol-free toner pairs perfectly with the Dr. Bronner’s face wash, especially because it will not dry out your skin. After washing, grab a cotton ball and apply it all over your face. We even like to use this as a makeup remover before our nightly wash since it does a great job extracting everything from the pores.

They always say organic aloe vera is a far better moisturizer than any other lotion on the market. And they’re 200% right. But none of us have the time to go to the store every week to purchase aloe leaves. Well, we found the solution. Majestic Pure aloe vera gel can be purchased on amazon for a reasonable price. Get this: it’s cold pressed from the plant itself and purely organic. It works wonders on the skin and it’s even handy for those vacation sunburns. It isn’t slimy unlike other aloe brands you find in the stores and it definitely won’t clog your pores like thick lotions you’ve used in the past.

Β While it isn’t absolutely dire that you purchase the face brush, we do recommend it, especially at such a cheap price. It does an amazing job of removing dirt from your pores, just as well as the face brushes that are priced at $100 and up. So why not give this one a shot?

Yup, that’s it. Three steps and you’re done!

Do your skin a favor and give this easy routine a try! We would love to see your results. Submit before and after photos to be featured! There’s more to come!

Until then,

-xo, MM


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