Should we have a first look photoshoot?

The new "first look" trend has become more and more common among couples to be married, but it completely contradicts the old superstition:┬áThe groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony, because it's bad luck! Before we jump into our own opinion, why don't we first find the root of this "rule?" When arranged marriages... Continue Reading →

Do I have to have flowers?

Flowers add a gorgeous touch to weddings whether it be in the bouquets, the centerpieces, or even just decorated around the church/room. However, they are not completely necessary. Flowers are more of a traditional type of thing that everyone expects to see, but they can be easily replaced. Most brides don't even want to have... Continue Reading →

Do we need to invite plus ones?

Well, it would be a nice gesture given your venue capacity and budget allow for it, but do not feel obligated to! Imagine inviting a handful of high school friends and their plus ones, then getting stuck with an extra 40 plates to pay for? If you have a big family and a tight budget,... Continue Reading →

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