Your Essentials to Host This Summer’s Best Nautical Themed Wedding

Themed wedding receptions seem to be all the craze right now. From 1920's to a Winter Wonderland, we love all of them! But nothing quite compares to a nautical themed wedding in the prime of summer. Seashells, stripes, sailboats–you name it! It's not too late to make your big day all about the beach. So … Continue reading Your Essentials to Host This Summer’s Best Nautical Themed Wedding

What to Look for in a DJ

Wedding planning is fun and all, but it can get stressful, so it's important to totally let loose on your big day and dance your booty off! Believe it or not, the DJ plays a huge role in whether or not your guests have an amazing time. If he/she can't keep the dance floor packed, … Continue reading What to Look for in a DJ

Mindy & Alexander

  Meet Alex and Mindy–our adorable future Mr. and Mrs. who also, happen to be just as infatuated with Disney as us. While searching through a number of Disney related weddings/engagements, we stumbled upon a few of their photos and immediately fell in love with their beaming relationship. We are so happy to be able … Continue reading Mindy & Alexander

Royal Destination Revealed!

  It's official! The royal couple have chosen their honeymoon destination and boy, is it extravagant! No, it's not Santorini. Prince Harry and his lovely bride-to-be, Meghan Markle are headed off to the sunny African country of Namibia following their highly anticipated wedding in May! It is no secret that Africa holds a special place … Continue reading Royal Destination Revealed!

Do I have to open gifts at my bridal shower?

Choosing to avoid the gift opening portion of the bridal shower has become increasingly popular nowadays. While it is nice to acknowledge each persons' gift to you so they can witness your reaction, you don't have to. Not many people even want to sit through two hours of you tearing at boxes and gift bags. … Continue reading Do I have to open gifts at my bridal shower?

Do I have to have flowers?

Flowers add a gorgeous touch to weddings whether it be in the bouquets, the centerpieces, or even just decorated around the church/room. However, they are not completely necessary. Flowers are more of a traditional type of thing that everyone expects to see, but they can be easily replaced. Most brides don't even want to have … Continue reading Do I have to have flowers?

Should I Register Before the Engagement Party?

We know the overly exciting feeling that comes with the thought of creating your registry, and we totally understand that you want to get it started right away. I mean, it's like Christmas on steroids! Many couples aren't sure whether it's acceptable to begin the registry before the engagement party. Here's the best way to … Continue reading Should I Register Before the Engagement Party?

Jennifer Tolento Events

Calling all Jersey brides to be! With as many options as Jennifer Tolento Events offers, you cannot be disappointed. She is a full service wedding specialist that offers wedding planning, coordination and design services in both NJ and NY. She and her team are ready to fulfill all of your needs on your big day, or even every … Continue reading Jennifer Tolento Events

Le Blanc Crew

 Le Blanc Weddings began in March of 2018 after several years of a passion for writing, and an obscene obsession with weddings. This blog is solely dedicated to the girls who from the age of five ran around their house with a pillow sack on their head as a veil, like me. Whether you are … Continue reading Le Blanc Crew