Should I Register Before the Engagement Party?

We know the overly exciting feeling that comes with the thought of creating your registry, and we totally understand that you want to get it started right away. I mean, it’s like Christmas on steroids! Many couples aren’t sure whether it’s acceptable to begin the registry before the engagement party. Here’s the best way to go about it.

Yes, you absolutely can register as early as you want! No one put a time restriction on it! However, we do NOT recommend that you include the registry link on your engagement party invitations. Since it’s really meant for the bridal shower, this goes against proper etiquette. Doing so makes guests feel obligated to buy you a gift, when in reality, it’s not required at all. Of course, basically all of them do bring a gift, but most of the time it’s significantly smaller than anything you would include on a registry. We get it, you don’t want guests to bring you small knickknacks that you’ll never use or even a $15 bottle of wine, which you can totally request against, by the way. We have received several invitations from both family and friends that have politely included, “The future bride and groom respectfully ask that you do not provide them with an alcoholic beverage, as it is their preference not to drink.” That’s it-nothing crazy!

What You Can Do Instead

Since you certainly do not want to include your registry link on your invitations, there are other ways you can get people to notice it. Make a casual announcement on Facebook by saying, “So excited to have completed our registry through! One step closer to marriage.” We’re assuming many of your Facebook friends will be invited and about 90% of them will be wondering what to buy you. This enables them to check your link without you directly telling them to purchase from it. You might not even have to do that! Most of the time, people will contact you or probably your mom to ask where you’re registered so they know exactly what you need.

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