Shedding for the Wedding

When it comes to dress shopping and buying a dress, brides constantly worry over what style will fit their shape best and how to maintain or lose extra unwanted weight. Between the heavy load of stress and lack of time to get stuff done, many people entirely give up on their plan to get fit. To help you prevent that from happening, we put together a list of healthy alternatives to replace the cravings!

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We put our favorite first! Spiralized doodles! Ditch the pasta to get the waistline you desire. There are SO many recipes to choose from on Pinterest, and we have a variety of our favorites, as well. We’ll be sure to share them at some time, but for now, check out this Veggie Spiralizer that we use for under $20!

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Potatoes?! Nope–roasted radishes. I tried these about three days ago without knowing radishes pair really well with roasting, and I will NEVER turn back. These are vital when you’re craving something starchy on your lower carb days. As a potato lover, I am beyond surprised to find a healthy alternative that matches so closely!

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Like I said, I’m a total potato lover. You can only imagine how difficult it is for me to accept the fact that they are ridiculously high in carbs. However, with cauliflower mash, I don’t have to miss them! My favorite part is that you really cannot tell the difference. Make them before having guests over and don’t tell them until afterwards. Their reactions will be mind blown!

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Two words–dessert. hummus. That’s right, people. I discovered this while walking around the grocery store about two weeks ago, and I am obsessed! I don’t crave sweets too often, but when I do, I need chocolate. Instead of grabbing brownies or cookies, I grab my chocolate hummus! You would never think that it’s made with chickpeas which is totally incredible! However, it is still higher in carbs (beans), so you can use it as an alternative; just keep it in moderation.

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Forget about popping two pieces of toast in the toaster oven every morning. Choose thinly sliced sweet potatoes, instead! This way you’re limiting your carb intake strictly to natural carbs, rather than processed ones. Sweet potatoes are actually said to be more filling than regular bread!

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Say goodbye to that sweet tooth! There’s no room for caving in and getting a milkshake or towering ice-cream cone. What you can and should do is grab your favorite fruits, veggies, and an unsweetened nut-milk to create a healthy smoothie. Throw in some protein if you want to make it a meal replacement! All you need is a proper blending device and some nutritious options. Here’s the blender we use almost everyday! You can even use it to make sauces and dips.

Stay tuned for many more healthy options to choose from and recipes to follow! Until then,





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