Royal Destination Revealed!


It’s official! The royal couple have chosen their honeymoon destination and boy, is it extravagant! No, it’s not Santorini.

Prince Harry and his lovely bride-to-be, Meghan Markle are headed off to the sunny African country of Namibia following their highly anticipated wedding in May!

It is no secret that Africa holds a special place in the couples’ heart, considering it took only two dates for the Prince to spontaneously shoot off to Botswana for five nights of camping under the stars. Not only did the couple return the next summer, but the center stone of Markle’s engagement ring is actually from the country, as well.

Africa remains special to the couple due to significant experiences together, but Namibia’s beauty plays a large role in their decision. While some people prefer beaches with crystal clear water, it is undeniable that the country’s landscape is breathtaking. There’s a wide variety of picturesque views including grasslands and rust colored sand dunes unlike any other. It’s a place where you can truly appreciate the beauty of nature. To top that all off, no other location could quite compare to its range of exotic wildlife.

Being a part of the royal family comes with some major perks and certainly plenty of attention. However, we doubt the future Mr. and Mrs. want to spend the moments after their marriage running away from paparazzi. Namibia offers luxurious lodges and camp areas that are ideal for intimate privacy-exactly what a famous couple needs. Not to mention, their wedding will land among the most attended weddings in history, so they absolutely deserve some peace and quiet.

Although it seems like a deserted area with complete isolation, there is plenty to do! Who knows what the adventurous duo may plan?

After all, Prince Harry has contributed to a number of events and charities in Africa throughout the years. With a wedding to plan, it has more than likely become too difficult to return, so this could be the time!

We are more than happy to hear that the future husband and wife will be celebrating their marriage in a place that they love so dearly. The Prince says, “I have this love of Africa that will never disappear-and I hope it carries on with my children as well.”

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