Engagement Photo Locations for a Variety of Personalities


You said yes to the man of your dreams! Let the planning begin! Before you start planning anything, you need to take your traditional engagement photos, but where? You could always just go to a local park, but you only get to do this once! Make your engagement photos memorable and fun! Maybe even hop on a flight and make a weekend trip out of it.

How amazing is this architecture and textile design? Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a total of 3,000 square feet made with a variety of pieces such as kitchen tiles and china plates. The large space is open to the public making it a great place to take your engagement photos!

There’s nothing more serene than the sound of the waves while watching the sunset. Rent a boat for a few hours, hire a photographer, and you’ll get to relax while taking your engagement photos. These are moments you’ll want to relive forever.

Maybe an actual boat is a little too extravagant for your taste, but you still like the concept. In that case, you can head to a local park and get the same feel on a canoe with a more laidback, casual approach.

Apple picking is among our favorite fall festivities, and we bet it’s one of your’s, too. Add your own twist to this adorable idea and write “save the date” so you can send them out to your guests.

Having an engagement photo shoot up in the mountains is the perfect fit for the adventurous couple.

For the couple that made it through college thriving on coffee dates and caffeine rushes, it only seems right that a coffee shop be your photo shoot location.

Coney Island is one of the most creative and fun spots to take pictures with your significant other. Look how colorful and stylish this couple looks! If you’re not close enough, a carnival will do the job just as well.

Calling all movie fanatics! What a perfect save the date idea for all of our movie lovers! This would add the nicest touch to a home movie theater for the future.

The beach, a classic spot used by many couples numerous times but somehow never gets old. There’s something about the beach that we just can’t get enough of!

The city that never sleeps is such a lively environment to take photos in. The lights, the tall buildings, all the people-but you will stand out most.

Forest photo shoots and weddings have become increasingly popular lately, and these two totally show us why. She kills it in that red dress showing us that you can wear whatever you want no matter what your surroundings are.

The amount of carousel photos we have seen and love is limitless. Our favorite ones are kissing in front of a moving carousel. It’s like a metaphor-the world moving quickly around you, but the only thing that matters is your love.

Our hearts skipped a beat once we saw how sweetly this couple looks at each other. The Brooklyn Bridge certainly compliments their gazes, and it could for you, too.

Here’s to another fall festivity we all know and love. Pumpkin patches are normally huge open areas with many fun activities like hayrides. The possibilities are endless for you to take photos!

If Paris is on your destination bucket list, why wait until your honeymoon? Go now! Whether it’s for a long weekend or two weeks, be sure to hire a photographer so you can capture an amazing moment like this!

This pool photo shoot can be turned into a getaway or be held in the comfort of your backyard! Avoid crowded hotels where people would swarm the background of your pictures. Instead, opt for an Airbnb with an awesome yard!

Stadiums are fantastic spots for sports fans whether it be football, basketball, baseball, even hockey! It’s ideal to have a partner who favors the same team as you, but we always think it’s cool to see opposing jerseys!

Christmas is our favorite time of year, and we love that the couple above looks so indulged in one another at this Christmas tree farm.

Flower fields are so romantic and filled with greenery. Look at the way these two enhance its beauty as they happily run through it hand in hand.

Rooftop bars, restaurants, and even lots are all picturesque locations for a photo shoot. If you live near a city, you can definitely find a place with an even better view from above, perhaps the city skyline.

An engagement shoot fit for royalty. Think about the many possibilities that come with posing for the camera at a castle!

Bowling is such a fun hobby and an even better date! If your significant other took you bowling on your first date, or bowling just holds a special place in your heart, find a cool alley like Brooklyn Bowl, the totally cool industrial one pictured above.

Who else is a foodie?! Diners are excellent locations for couples who love to eat. You can be as extra as this couple in their dashing outfit choice, or you can opt for a more comfortable feel. It would even be cute to have a vintage themed diner shoot!

Nothing says all around the world better than an airplane photo shoot. This goes out to all the couples who are known for their passion for traveling and sight seeing!

Wineries are gorgeous spots to not only go on dates, but to take photos! Using a cork to announce your save the date fits perfectly with a wine themed photo shoot! Not to mention, you’ll get to show off your bling.

If you prefer a jug of beer over a glass of wine, then skip the winery and head to a brewery!

Having your photos taken in the middle of a concert would be seriously difficult, but we needed to find something to fit our music lovers. Then we stumbled upon this adorable picture, and decided a record shop would definitely do the job and it’s unique!

If you love to snuggle up near a fire and roast marshmallows on a cool, fall night, this idea is great for you. Have your photographer snap away in the comfort of your yard or even take a camping trip!


He’s the Mickey to your Minnie, the Prince Charming to your Cinderella, and the fuel to your imagination. So why not head over to the place where all dreams come true, Disney World!

Who said there was anything wrong with posing in your own home? We found that couples have more fun when they can freely roam around in their own houses or apartments. It’s like a sneak peak into what married life will be-breakfast in bed, coffee on the couch, and even making a mess in the kitchen. Plus, you get an unlimited amount of outfit changes!



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