Mindy & Alexander

  Meet Alex and Mindy–our adorable future Mr. and Mrs. who also, happen to be just as infatuated with Disney as us. While searching through a number of Disney related weddings/engagements, we stumbled upon a few of their photos and immediately fell in love with their beaming relationship. We are so happy to be able... Continue Reading →

DIY Floral Sign

*This post may contain affiliate links.* Hello, lovelies! It’s our favorite time of the year-wedding season. That’s right, it’s time to plan, plan, plan! I, myself am in the midst of planning a wedding for a friend, and I am so loving it. My friend adores succulents and asked that I incorporate them into her entire wedding... Continue Reading →

Rehearsal Dinner Guidelines

Of the several events that come with a wedding, the rehearsal dinner is the most simple, but definitely the most vague. Being that it's the smallest event, there's so many questions. What is it and why should we have one? Who do we even invite? Don't worry lovelies, we've got you covered. What is a... Continue Reading →

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