National Lipstick Day: Bobbi Brown for Brides!

It's National Lipstick Day, and if you're anything like us–you love collecting lipsticks (and probably only wear the same three out of the hundred in your vanity). But that's okay. Anyway, since it is a national holiday–to us, at least–many makeup brands are hosting deals and giving away free lipsticks. If you're getting married soon, and struggling to figure... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Hair Repair

On your wedding day, you obviously want to look your best from head to toe. That includes your hair. We're not just talking cut and color. We're talking healthy, shiny and lusciously volumized. Trust us, using the cheap off-brand shampoo and conditioner from Harmon's is ruining your hair, so don't be afraid to spend a... Continue Reading →

Shedding for the Wedding

When it comes to dress shopping and buying a dress, brides constantly worry over what style will fit their shape best and how to maintain or lose extra unwanted weight. Between the heavy load of stress and lack of time to get stuff done, many people entirely give up on their plan to get fit.... Continue Reading →

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