Flower Dress Finding with Monica

As a bride-to-be, you look into every detail when it comes to wedding planning–the venue, the napkins, the lighting and especially the dresses. I thought finding the perfect dress for my flower girl would be an absolute breeze. I imagined the ideal dress and certainly wanted to keep an affordable price tag in mind. What... Continue Reading →

Who gets invited to the rehearsal dinner?

Being that the rehearsal dinner is a significantly smaller event compared to everything else, your guest list will also be significantly smaller. The only people you should definitely invite are the bridal party (maybe their dates), the parents of your ring barer/flower girl, and immediate family. It would be nice to extend the invitation to... Continue Reading →

Are favors totally necessary?

A while back, if you asked someone if you had to give out favors for your guests, people would look at you as if you were crazy. Nowadays, not so much. The amount of money you put into your wedding is so extreme that there really is no reason to add to it. Especially when... Continue Reading →

Rehearsal Dinner Guidelines

Of the several events that come with a wedding, the rehearsal dinner is the most simple, but definitely the most vague. Being that it's the smallest event, there's so many questions. What is it and why should we have one? Who do we even invite? Don't worry lovelies, we've got you covered. What is a... Continue Reading →

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