5 Unnecessary Wedding Expenses to Cut

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, so you definitely want to make it over-the-top special. However, spending too much is certainly not worth the credit card debt that will prevent you from doing enjoyable activities during your actual marriage. Not to mention, your honeymoon probably won’t be too cheap, either and I’m sure you don’t want to skimp on that.

Your venue, catering, and music aren’t necessarily areas where spending can be reduced,  because most vendors charge around the same price. However, decor, attire, and small extras that add up to an abundance definitely require limitations. Out of all the needless accessories we’ve seen throughout hundreds of weddings, here are five we disagree with most.

1. A Second Wedding Dress

If you could fall in love with a second wedding dress, it means you haven’t found the one.    There should only be one dress that makes both you and your family members cry happy tears in the dressing room, one that makes you feel like a princess, and one that takes your groom’s breath away.  Most brides don’t even consider a second dress until they after they’ve purchased their own and found another that they “had to have.” News flash: one dress alone can be extremely expensive; do you really need to waste money on two? I know, Meghan Markle did, but when you are marrying into royalty–budgets don’t become a concern.

2. Imported Flowers

Can you remember what the centerpieces looked like at the wedding you went to last year? Last month? Last week? The answer is probably no. No one is coming to see the flowers nor do they really care about the decor of the room. The only thing your guests care about is good food and good music, so the extra money you want to spend to have  peonies shipped from another country serves no purpose. If your favorite flower is out of season and you absolutely need it on your wedding day, order it for your bouquet and your bouquet only. Unfortunately, flowers only last a few days. Spending $10k on centerpieces that are displayed for five hours doesn’t make much sense when you put it into perspective, does it?

3. Plus Ones

While it is polite to allow dates, try to remember that you’re already being polite by buying over 200 people dinner. The 30 high school friends you invited (who you probably haven’t spoken much to since) would amount to 60 extra guests once dates are included. Some people don’t even have that many family members invited! This standard can apply to family members and the bridal party, as well. Long term relationships can be an exception to this rule, but only for people close to you. Otherwise, a list of 250 guests can easily become 500!

4. Transportation

Some couples have begun renting shuttles to bring out of town guests to church and the reception then back to the hotel. Our question is.. why? With so many advanced transportation services like Uber and Lyft, it has become effortless to get a ride almost anywhere! Sure, they’ll have to pay a few dollars, but you’ve paid enough to cover a salary over the last year.

5. Menu cards and Program schedule

Stationery items certainly aren’t mandatory and decorative paper can make a hefty bill, so ditch them both. Couples like to provide guests with menu cards at their seats, so they can see their options as well as what’s in them. While this is convenient, consider the fact that waiters and waitresses will approach each individual to ask which entree they prefer. If your guests have any questions, the waiter or waitress will gladly tell them. Now, for the program.. Your wedding probably isn’t the only one everyone there has ever attended. Everyone knows you attend the ceremony which is followed by the cocktail hour then the reception. You don’t need to literally have it spelled out for them down to the first dance or cake cutting. The emcee will announce each event before it occurs, anyway.


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