When should I send out my big day invitations?

In order to provide your venue with a headcount at a reasonable time, we suggest you send them out four months before your wedding. You’ll want to ask that they RSVP at least one month before the actual wedding day. Plus, there will be some leeway for the 50 people you have to call and text to see if they’re coming or not. Because God forbid every single person would give an answer. For the most part, venues divide payments into three and the final payment comes right before or on your wedding day. Not to mention, it’s the biggest. Giving your venue the final count earlier on will not only benefit the people working there, but YOU. Having that extra month to prepare and save any extra cash to be able to make the final payment is a game changer! If your wedding is on the smaller side, feel free to send them three or 2 1/2 months prior.

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