What to Keep in Mind When Planning a Bachelorette Party

Being the maid of honor is without a doubt one of the most exciting roles within the bridal party. You get to go dress shopping, pick out decorations, and plan events like the bachelorette party! While it may seem like pure fun, it comes with responsibility and sometimes, complications. Here’s a few ways to keep it stress free.

Gather a list of who will be attending the bachelorette party.

This is a vital step in all party planning! Remember, the bridal party is not the only people who are invited! The bride has close friends and family who also need to be included. If anything, the more, the merrier. Group rates with a larger number of people tend to be cheaper than that of a smaller group. Once you have an official list that has been verified by the bride, it’s time to start planning.

Get a feel for where the bride really wants to go.

Is she a partier who belongs in Vegas? Does she prefer a more laidback environment like a winery? Or would she rather spend her free time in the spa? We’re not telling you to come out and ask her exactly where she wants it, but maybe ask for a few suggestions. This way you’ll have a range of ideas that you know will make her happy, for sure.

Figure out a budget.

Yes, you’re the maid of honor, so it’s your responsibility to plan this party, but you’re not the only one paying for it. The entire bridal party contributes to the bachelorette party. It is important that you sit down with the girls or even make a group chat to come to an agreement regarding the budget. Obviously, if the group says they are limited to spend $250 each, Vegas is out of the question, but at least you’ll know a price range in order to book a specific location or outing.

The bridal party covers majority of the bride’s expenses.

She is the guest of honor, so it would be rude to ask her to pay her way entirely. If you’re planning on booking a weekend trip out of state, add up the amount of money each person is willing to spend in order to figure out your budget for flight, hotel, and food. Note that you are not required to cover every bit of her trip. If the group cannot afford to provide both flight and hotel, consider booking an Airbnb or ask the bride for some money towards one. We can guarantee you that she appreciates the effort you’ve all put into planning this for her, and does not expect that much from you.

You are only one person!

Do not feel completely liable for planning the entire bachelorette party! Instead of putting all that pressure on yourself, split the tasks and assign one or two per person. Ask one person to make reservations at a nice restaurant in the area, while another plans the activities to follow after dinner. To stay organized, keep a checklist of every bridesmaid and their assigned task to make sure everything gets done. In the end, this will take a hefty load off your shoulders resulting in smoother planning.

One night is enough.

There is no official rule that bachelorette parties have to last all weekend. If a sufficient budget seems to become a problem while trying to plan for multiple days, it’s better off that you plan for one night. It’s more than likely that the bride would enjoy a night of entertainment over a mediocre hotel room located a half hour away from all the action. Time can’t measure fun!

No means no.

We cannot stress this enough. If the bride tells you she does not want to end up in a casino or club at the end of the night, listen to her. If she tells you she doesn’t want inappropriate decorations and lollipops around the hotel room, listen to her. If she tells you she doesn’t want a stripper, listen to her. Although these are typical things you see at most bachelorette parties, not all brides are the same. Do not do anything to make her uncomfortable. If that’s your thing, you’ll get your chance when it’s your turn.

Plan the perfect timing.

The bride has so much on her plate right now and not much time in between. The ideal time to plan the bachelorette party is usually a month before the actual wedding. She might be stressing that the wedding date is approaching, but at least most of her planning is complete. This way she’ll be able to unwind and spend time with her favorite group of girls to alleviate some of that stress. However, always confirm with the bride before setting the date!

It’s only about the bride.

What may be fun to the bride might be boring to others, but there is no room for selfishness while planning. If there are certain activities on the schedule that you might not like, smile through it. If there are certain people attending that you might not like, keep your composure. The bride asked you to be a part of her bridal party, because you are extremely important to her. It would shatter her if you made it apparent that you weren’t having a good time at her bachelorette party. She only gets to do this once, so make the best of it and don’t spoil it for her.

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