The Stages Leading up to the Big Day told by FRIENDS Gifs

If I told you the amount of times I’ve seen every single episode of FRIENDS, you would think I’m insane. But then again, most people I say that to agree with me. I even have this adorable Friends sweatshirt that I absolutely adore. We all know and love the classic series, because its so relatable. Six friends living near each other taking our everyday struggles and turning them into comedy–it doesn’t get better than that. Am I right? While watching these episodes, I constantly connect their hysterical reactions to emotions I’ve felt while wedding planning, so I created this.


You just got engaged!

The long, anticipated wait is over and you’re officially marrying your best friend!


Figuring out your budget

One of our least favorite steps. Not to mention, you need to figure out who is even paying for the wedding to set a budget. The bride’s parents? The groom’s? Half and half? Good luck!


Proposing to your bridesmaids

You’ve chosen your best gals to be with you every step of the way leading up to your big day, how exciting!


Starting the guest list

No, not dating relationships–friendship and family. Here’s the time where you decide whether your relationship with Janice from your accounting office is close enough where she should receive an invite.


Booking your designated venue

It’s set in stone! Your wedding will be held at your dream venue and there is no better feeling right now.


Creating your registry

It is so easy to get carried away with this. Most people spend hours attached to their computers, because they can’t stop adding!


Your engagement party

All eyes on you as you enter the room as a newly engaged couple!


Sending out save-the-dates

Time to pump out the fast writing and envelope sealing. Go, go, go!


Wedding dress shopping

There are SO. MANY. DRESSES. You don’t even know where to start!


Actually buying a wedding dress

We know, you’re in love. You might not even be able to resist the urge to wait another several months to wear it.


Sending out invitations

Here goes 200+ invitations AKA chasing down 200+ RSVPs.


Planning your honeymoon

Flights, hotels, locations–so much to consider. Let the excitement commence!


Buying shoes and accessories

Get in loser, we’re going shopping! As if we need to spend any more money.


Picking and ordering favors

*Sigh* More spending money… that isn’t on yourself.


Realizing you’ve gone way over budget

Oops, maybe it’s time to calm down.. but there still so much left to do!


Time for your bridal shower!

Get excited because it’s about to be filled with laughter, games, and gifts.


Next up: your bachelorette party

That’s right, girlfriend. Forget about all the party planning stress and let loose!


Chasing down the RSVPs

We don’t understand this one, either ladies. How hard is it to just answer?!


Sending out final payments

Ever go to every. extent. possible. to make some extra cash? Get ready to relive that.


Doing the seating arrangements

You would think this would be an easier task, but it becomes difficult when you’re forced to stick high school friends with your middle-aged neighbors.


Enjoying a spa day the week before your big day

Not everything has been entirely completed, and you still need to do a few last minute things like buying the bridal party gifts, but you need some me time.


Mixed rehearsal dinner emotions..

All the guests walk into this intimate gathering in complete excitement anticipating the following day, but when the toasts come out, it’s time to welcome the waterworks.

Waking up the morning of your wedding

It’s a feeling you can’t even describe–insane butterflies in your stomach but in the best way.


Exchanging gifts with your parents

This can be extremely emotional. Try to do this BEFORE you put on your makeup. Your makeup artist will really appreciate that.


When you and your bridesmaids are finally dressed

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.. The first look! Well, for the bridesmaids.


The ceremony

One of the most amazing feelings in the world.. you are officially a married couple.


The reception

It’s time to party! You better stay on that dance floor all night.


Giving a thank you speech

This isn’t done by everyone, but at the end of the night, it is nice to acknowledge and thank your guests for their presence. Make sure you have a tissue just incase you get a little choked up.


Accepting that your wedding is over

Maybe you’re happy to put all the planning stress behind you, but it’s going to be pretty tough to take off that dress.

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