The Best Online Stores for Bridesmaid Dresses

Saying yes to the dress is time consuming enough, so the last thing you want to do is struggle to find even more time to find bridesmaid dresses. After all, you would have to be pretty darn lucky to have eight bridesmaids agree on one dress in the first shopping trip. To avoid extra frustration, try shopping online first!

We recommend that you do this early enough where if it doesn’t work out, you still have months in advance to search in person. *Tip: Before choosing a dress from a specific website, be sure to check the return policy. Some only offer store credit, which would be the worst case scenario in the event of dresses not fitting properly.*

Any-who, here are a few of our favorite online shops and the average cost of a dress that may help you find the perfect one for your bridal party!

*Average cost is based on the four dresses displayed, rather than their entire collection.*

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Why you should try them: ASOS has a large volume of dresses due to the variety of brands they carry. Depending on the brand, the dresses can be very cheap or reasonable at most. Every once in a while they offer specials on dresses alone, but if you have never shopped with them before, you could qualify for a certain percentage off your first order!

Average cost: $139 

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Pretty Little Thing

Why you should try them: Pretty Little Thing is stocked with so many trendy items, which means your bridesmaids will certainly stand out from the rest. The dresses are sexy, yet classy and can we talk about those prices?! Of my several experiences ordering from PLT, I have never had an issue with poor quality. Not only are the prices more than affordable, but you can almost always catch a promotion to knock off a few bucks!

Average cost: $45.75

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Why you should try them: Missguided is a bold, trend setting brand for all boss ladies out there. Even their line of bridesmaid gowns pairs class with a little bit of sass. The brand uses high quality materials to create their edgy looks and they never disappoint. Bridesmaids on a budget? That’s no problem! There’s rarely a time when they’re not having 50% off of EVERYTHING. That’s right, fifty-percent. Brownie points!

Average cost: $69

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Why you should try them: Tobi is among growing brands as its popularity has gone up significantly. Their formalwear is elegant and timeless while a bit risqué all at once. You are given the option to select from hundreds of dresses in so many different colors. It’s almost impossible to leave their site without finding more than a few things you want! Here’s a little piece of advice: subscribe to their e-mail if you want to receive 50% off your first order!

Average cost: $92.50

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Why you should try them: Lulu’s has been a well-known brand for as long as I could remember, and that’s because they earned that position. The clothing can be a little pricy, but you’re getting your money’s worth. Lulu’s sells many of the same shades in different style dresses and vice versa. If you’re looking to have your bridesmaids wear variously styled dresses in the same color, they will not disappoint. Should anything go wrong, you won’t have to worry about the cost of return shipping, because they cover it!

Average cost: $172.50

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Why you should try them: For a number of years, Boohoo has been my go-to for so many occasions, vacations, and even workout gear. Their clothing is all true to size and beyond affordable, because they run specials seven days per week. I have yet to return one item purchased from Boohoo, and the formal dress I just received in the mail proves I probably won’t ever have to. They offer petite, tall, and plus sizes to suit all body types!

Average cost: $56.50

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House of CB

Why you should try them: If the pictures don’t speak for themselves, how about the fact that hundreds of celebrities rock these dresses to big events and promote it all over Instagram? I’ll never forget the time I saw Rumer Willis wearing one of their gowns and immediately ordered it for prom. Who said bridesmaids couldn’t show a little extra skin? The dresses are certainly more expensive, but are so gorgeous and comfortable that your bridal party will more than likely be looking for another event to wear it to. (Still waiting on my chance to wear my prom dress again).

Average cost: $205.50

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Hello Molly

Why you should try them: This Australia based clothing company has quickly climbed the top of my favorites for casual wear and formalwear. It seems like Australia is ahead of the fashion game right now, and we’re all for it. You won’t be disappointed while searching through their mass variety of dresses, both long and short. Not to mention, they offer such an immense color selection, which is absolutely important for a wedding scheme! It’s no wonder our woman crush, Tammy Hembrow shops from them so often.

Average cost: $91

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Why you should try them: Showpo adds so many new styles to their dress selection so often that it’s almost impossible not to find something! I define their apparel as cute and classy–perfect for a bridal party. While many brands focus strictly on slim fit dresses, they offer a wide variety of fits for all different body types. To add onto that, for every dress listed on their website, they provide a plus size version! This will not only make it easier to find a dress, but also, make all of your bridesmaids feel equally beautiful. And that’s the way things should be!

Average cost: $68.70

I hope this little session has helped you stray from the typical trip to the bridal boutique followed by ten more. Now that you’ve mastered where to shop, it’s time to master how to shop. We’ve got that covered, too! Because we’re, also providing you with what to consider when picking bridesmaid dresses!

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