Should we have a first look photoshoot?

The new “first look” trend has become more and more common among couples to be married, but it completely contradicts the old superstition: The groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony, because it’s bad luck! Before we jump into our own opinion, why don’t we first find the root of this “rule?”

When arranged marriages were appointed, the bride and groom were restricted from seeing one another until the wedding day. The marriage of the two was actually considered to be a “business deal” between the families who formed the matrimony. But wait–it gets even better. The betrothed couple remained apart from each other, so the groom couldn’t run away if he didn’t find his future wife attractive. If you’ve never understood the purpose of a veil, does it all make sense now?

I may have changed your opinion in regards to believing the superstition; however, we’ve put together a few pros and cons to help you make an informed decision of whether or not the first look is right for you!


  • There’s nothing more sentimental than the first look between the bride and groom, especially when the groom erupts into happy tears. Having a photoshoot ensures that the moment will be captured without the distraction of others with the exception of your bridal party and a few family members who are looking forward to experiencing this exact moment. For the couple who prefers an intimate setting surrounded by the ones closest to them, this is certainly worth considering.
  • The morning of your wedding, you will undoubtedly sense a wide variety of emotions that you cannot control–excitement, butterflies, nausea, anxiety. While the group of people getting ready with you constantly try to ease your nerves, there’s no one that could possibly make it better than your significant other. The first look gives you both the opportunity to not only appreciate some confidentiality before the madness, but provide one another with proper reassurance and comfort.
  • Since you will already be altogether for the first look photoshoot, you may as well continue on to take photos with your bridal party and family. Couples who get married in churches followed by a reception at a venue are allotted plenty of time for photos in between. On the other hand, couples who host their ceremony and reception at one specific venue were more than likely only given a 5-hour time slot. If you’re in the second position, there is no other time for photo ops, which means you’ll be pulled from your reception for them. Taking photos beforehand ensures that the photographer can capture both group photos in a specific setting and photos of the couple enjoying their reception.
  • Assuming your wedding day does not come with precipitation, the photoshoot before the ceremony guarantees that there will be proper lighting earlier on in the day (if you choose an outside area). The natural light from the sun livens up the photos more than you could imagine, regardless of how advanced your photographers photoshopping skills may be.


  • After asking several brides which was their best feeling on their wedding day, we came to the conclusion that almost all of them replied, “Seeing my soon-to-be husband in tears at the end of the aisle.” We’d all be lying if we said we haven’t once threatened our partners with: I swear if you don’t cry as I’m walking down the aisle, I’m going to turn around and do it all over again. Sure, it would be the same as doing a first look in private, but this time–everyone attending the ceremony gets to see. The private first look is mostly restricted to just the bridal party along with a few significant family members, but remember that there are guests who have flown in or driven a few hours for your big day. They would certainly be honored to witness such a breathtaking moment.
  • As if you don’t have to wake up early enough to get prepped and dolled up for your big day, now you’ll have to be ready even quicker. Yes, that means waking up early. The night before your wedding will probably be filled with jittery emotions, so definitely don’t expect to fall asleep as soon as your head hits that pillow. Come the morning time, you need to be well rested and prepared for any possible slip ups! Your hair could fall out, because why would it cooperate on the most important day ever? Your makeup will absolutely need a touch-up, because let’s face it, you’re an emotional wreck. Last but not least, there’s always a bridesmaid that shows up late!
  • Waiting to take photos together until after the ceremony allows you to pose as husband and wife! By the time it ends, the two of you won’t be filled with anxiety. At this point, you are filled with excitement, affection, and indescribable feelings of happiness which results in more comfortable photos! The reception is up next and you are ready to celebrate!


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