Should I subscribe to a monthly bridal box?

I cannot deny that I think some of the bridal boxes I’ve seen recently are adorable, but I don’t think it’s truly necessary. There are a few pros and cons when it comes to these subscriptions:


  • Majority of the bridal box services will provide different options for the length of your subscription (3 months, 6 months, 8 months)
  • The excitement of the package arriving each month and unboxing new goodies
  • Some include bridal party gift options
  • Items are handpicked by event planners


  • Some bridal box services can be quite costly
  • Items included may end up serving you no purpose (stickers, paper clips, ring dishes)
  • Certain services have set boxes in a specific order for the length of your subscription, rather than a new, updated set of items every month
  • Items can be of poor quality
  • The boxes are not tailored to match the wedding planning stage you may be in

Not to mention, majority of the items packaged in these boxes can be found in the $1 section at Target.

In reality, it truly depends which company you decide to subscribe to. I love the idea of getting new knickknacks in each month for my wedding, but only if the content is worth my buck. Before jumping into the first box you see or immediately purchasing one because your favorite celebrity did, look through reviews. Compare the amount of negative reviews to the amount of positive reviews. I believe you can find the extremity of a specific subject’s issues through its worst reviews. If the one-star reviews complain about small things like being unhappy with one item included in the box, it probably isn’t that bad. However, if there’s multiple negative reviews complaining about defective items, it probably isn’t worth your money.

I know this isn’t a straightforward response, but at least it’s unbiased! When it comes to small extra expenses that are solely for your entertainment, you must decide whether or not there is wiggle room in your spending budget.

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