Peter and Nicole: A Heartwarming Christmas

It’s officially October, so fall weddings are in full swing. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little recap of September! One of our dearest couples, Peter and Nicole Wojcik celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary on September 19th. Their love story is a tear jerker that everyone deserves to hear.

The soon-to-be lovebirds met by chance at a family barbecue, where Peter immediately fell for Nicole’s beauty. He turned to his sister and said, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” At the time, Nicole was already in a relationship and older than he, so his sister chuckled. There’s a reason we believe in destiny, because not long afterwards, the two began college at the same university.


As soon as Nicole was no longer taken, Peter jumped at the opportunity to use his undeniable charm; thus, making her fall in love with him. The couple accompanied one another to a few weddings before finally making their relationship official with a first date. It only took a few years of dating to know he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nicole, so he planned the perfect proposal.

Although he originally had a brilliant idea, Peter had no control over the bad news that was to come. His grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and her one wish was to witness their engagement. Knowing his grandmother couldn’t make it by the time he had originally planned to propose, he set out for a new plan. This one was even better.


Holiday season quickly approached, which meant Nicole was beaming with joy. Like most of us, her favorite time of year is Christmas–the perfect time to get engaged. Peter ensured that she wouldn’t expect anything extreme by telling her he couldn’t figure out what to get, so he planned the “Seven days of Christmas.” Each day, Peter gifted Nicole something small that represented the two of them and other items that she asked for until Christmas Eve.


Gift number one–roses. When Peter picked Nicole up for their first date, he gave her a bouquet of roses. She received a purse, watch, gift card, spa day, and a piece of jewelry among the other days. When the seventh day arrived, it was time for the grand present.

Peter and Nicole compromised holidays by spending the first half of the day by his family and the second by her’s. After dinner, it was time to open gifts. Each family went one by one until it was Nicole’s turn. Instead of getting an actual gift, the family members handed her cards, which seemed a bit odd. Each card was composed with Peter’s love for her, and the last was from his grandmother. Upon reading his grandmother’s letter, she erupted into tears and looked up to see her future fiance on one knee. Of course, she shouted yes. It was a magical day for not only the couple, but Peter’s grandmother, as well.


Months of wedding planning quickly flew before Peter and Nicole married on September 19th, 2015 at the Westmount Country Club with a whopping 275 guests. A little over two years went by and led to the expectancy of their first child! Precious little Jacob Wojcik was born on June 26th, 2018.

Le Blanc Weddings wish Peter and Nicole a life of love and happiness!  Xoxo



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