Our Experience with Dahlia Floral & Event Design

I first started going to Dahlia’s a little over 5 years ago. My eldest sister was getting married, so we searched for florists nearby to design her flowers. When visiting different vendors, there is one quality you seek out–customer service. We went to several places, and neither one seemed to be friendly nor did they break down the prices for us, like we had asked.

However, I specifically remember the day we walked into Dahlia’s, because Bart greeted us with the biggest smile. His personality made you feel not only comfortable, but also beyond welcomed. From that day on, my family chose Dahlia’s Floral & Event Design for every event hosted–bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and any other special occasion.


Five years fly by, and now it’s my turn to get married. I was able to guide myself with vendors, because I turned to the ones both my sisters and friends had chosen previously. Although I gave many places a chance, I knew for sure the only florist I would choose is Dahlia’s. Being that my fiancé is in the process of starting a business, and I am trying to land a career in marketing, our budget is limited. Of course, we want our wedding to be breathtaking, but we are in no position to break the bank.


During my meeting with Bart, he asked me what I envisioned and the different ideas I pictured for our wedding. Despite the fact that I surely imagined flowers that would break my budget, he never said no. Instead, he offered various flowers and ideas to choose in order to remain in a specific price range. Thus, allowing me to have my dream wedding decor.


Needless to say, I left Dahlia’s with such an amazing feeling that I may be more excited to see my flowers over anything else! I’m especially looking forward to seeing my samples in October. Because we want to provide our brides-to-be with the best, we plan on taking you along the ride with constant updates! From one bride to another–if you’re looking for a helping hand to make your dreams come true, you know where to go!

Please watch this short video to see more of Dahlia’s astounding work.


Instagram : @dahliaflowers
Facebook: Dahlia Floral & Event Design
Located: 876 River Dr, Garfield NJ 07026
Contact: 1(800) 200- 2087

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