Love at First Swipe: Christine & James

Some say love at first sight.. this couple said love at first swipe! Christine and James met on a little dating app called Tinder back in 2014. Christine was reluctant to go on a dating site but she also didn’t like the bar scene. While James, on the other hand, went out to the bars, and worked night shifts as an FDNY EMT. No matter what, he couldn’t seem to find a girl to bring home to mom. One day in November he swiped right and so did Christine; they were a match! James immediately messaged her to get her attention.. she must have been on delay because she hadn’t noticed until two weeks later.

Christine returned the message and evidently, James must have been waiting patiently by his phone because he answered right away. (Even though he was soaking in his jacuzzi bath, weird huh?) After talking for about a week, they went on their first date. James planned out a nice dinner to Tao in nyc and a night out. This beautifully planned first date had a few speed bumps right from the beginning.

James ended up sitting in 45 mins worth of traffic getting to Christine’s house, they missed their reservation, Christine let James talk to her the whole dinner with a piece of mint stuck in his teeth from a mojito (oops!), had a three second first kiss in the elevator, and had the pleasure of meeting her entire family when he dropped her off. This may seem that their future was doomed from the start, but after James survived her fathers interrogation and being called by a different guys name; Christine knew he was something special.


Love grew very quickly. Thus, making the two inseparable. James opened Christine’s world to new things like fishing, hockey, the outdoors, country music and urged her to utilize her artistic abilities once again. Similarly, Christine opened James to share her same love of food–he now loves coffee, donuts, and red pepper flakes just as much as she does. They both found a love of traveling together that soon led to their engagement 2 years later.


While vacationing on their 3rd cruise together to the Caribbean, James popped the question on July 5th, 2016. Unlike their first date, his plan turned out significantly better. Their cruise was docked in Saint Thomas for the day where James planned a morning helicopter tour of the island for an epic proposal. While flying over a private island James asked, “Hey! What does that say?!” As she read the words, “Marry me?” in the sand on the beach below, she couldn’t help but assume it was  a cruel joke. However, she turned to her new fiancé with an engagement ring in hand. In utter disbelief, she happily said yes!


The wedding planning quickly began as the two were beyond eager to begin their new journey together. Christine and James became Mr. & Mrs. Matthius on March 24th, 2018 at The Manor in West Orange, NJ. They honeymooned to Grenada, where they stayed at the Sandals Resort. We wish them nothing but a long, healthy marriage!


Ring Designer: A Jaffe
Jeweler: Gerald Peters
Cruiseline: Norwegian Breakaway
Helicopter Tour: Caribbean Buzz Helicopters
Venue: The Manor, NJ “The Virginia Room”
Wedding Dress: Pronovias
Honeymoon: Sandals Resort, Grenada
Photography: The Talented Photographer
Florist: Kitty’s Family Florist

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