Groomsmen Proposals Your Friends Will Love

You popped the question and picked the most important guys to stand next to you on this big day. It’s time to pop the question for them, too! They deserve much more than a text message, so we’ve come up with several ways to propose to your best bros!

For the groom who loves to crack open a cold one with the boys in the man cave. This proposal is simple, but perfect for your beer loving friends. They don’t need or want anything over the top; the gesture is enough. Plus, it’s a free bottle on you!

Another simple, yet clever proposal that is definitely affordable. Buy a pack of cigars and place one in each of these rectangular boxes! We love the way that the outside is decorated as a tuxedo to match the, “Time to suit up!” theme, which we’re sure your DIY loving fiancΓ© can make on her own. Keep a cigar for yourself so you and your best bros can have a celebratory cigar the night of the wedding!

Speaking of suiting up, what’s a nice suit without a solid pair of cuff links? These checker printed ones make a sharp addition to any tux. If you want to make it a little more personal, you could always purchase plain ones and have them engraved with the initials of all your groomsmen!

Calling all destination wedding grooms! Whether you plan on spending a short weekend or entire week where ever your wedding may be, everyone needs travel sized essentials. Do your groomsmen a favor by getting them these rustic leather toiletry bags and stuffing them with travel soaps, shaving cream, razors, cologne, and more! But wait! Do not let them know you are planning a destination wedding ahead of your proposal. Instead, stick a note inside saying, “You’re headed to ________! Be my groomsman?”

These shot glasses are absolutely hysterical. Let’s face it, your fiancΓ© probably made you do this “proposal” idea, and you’re probably not taking it as seriously as her. If you’re the comedic kind of guy, get these caricature shot glasses for each individual one in the party. You can even place them in a box with a note slipped inside reading, “I have one decision in this entire wedding and it’s who gets to be by my side. Be my groomsman?” But don’t tell your fiancΓ© we told you to do that πŸ˜‰

Although we just mentioned shot glasses, we couldn’t leave this great idea out. However, in this take you can skip the faces, and simply have “best man” or “groomsman” written across the shot glass. Your friends will surely want to take a shot at being a part of your crew with this proposal! Make it a bit more personal by labeling each name outside of the box and finding a small bottle of each of their favorite alcohols to place inside.

A beer caddy plus a beer opener and it’s engraved?! This is two gifts in one for the fella who prefers lagers and IPAs over whiskey and vodka. Your groomsmen will surely put a beer caddy to use for long after your proposal/wedding. It’s the perfect accessory to bring over a selection of beers when gathering on a football Sunday, and even better when no one has to walk back into the kitchen to grab a bottle opener!

Whether it’s simple, or extravagant your bros are certainly appreciative of the fact that you thought to buy them a gift as a proposal, and even more excited that they get to be there with you on one of the biggest nights of your life!

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