Expect the Unexpected: Booking a Venue

Before I even got engaged, I swear I had every single detail planned for my wedding–the dress, the venue, the photographer, you name it. News flash: I was totally wrong. My fiancee and I began our search for our wedding reception, and we couldn’t believe how expensive it was to get married in the summer. Initially, our chosen wedding date was August 18th, 2018. The day he asked me to be his girlfriend, the day he asked me to marry him.. Why wouldn’t we choose the same day to become husband and wife? Money, that’s why.

Venue 1, which will remain unidentified and you will know why shortly, took my breath away from the moment I walked in the door. The high ceilings, lighting, and precision in detail was so astonishing that I became beyond eager to sit down to discuss pricing. When you’re bound to have 350+ guests, you need a reasonable number. August 18th, 2018 was open, which allowed even more excitement to flow through my veins. Unfortunately, I learned the price for a summer wedding exceeded my budget by far. My fiancee and I decided to weigh out our options on our own time even if that meant visiting a few other venues. Well, the sad truth is: All venues work the same way. With an abundance of family and friends, the guest list couldn’t possibly shrink down, so it was decided. Our special anniversary date was simply impossible. Thus, a winter wedding was on the way!

I returned to Venue 1 almost immediately with a deposit in my hand ready to book January 4th, 2019! Although our anniversary wasn’t affordable, I didn’t mind. There’s nothing wrong with a new date to pair with a new journey together! Not to mention, I knew that the time of year truly didn’t matter, because my guests and I would certainly be floored by the services they provide. The rush of happy adrenaline overwhelmed my body. This was really happening.

My wedding venue was booked, and I said yes to the dress not even a month after being engaged… What could possibly go wrong throughout this wedding planning process? I guess someone finally pinched me, because I was no longer dreaming. My fiancee and I were informed that Venue 1 double booked our wedding date, and the other couple had placed their deposit first. So many emotions swarmed my mind–anger, disappointment, panic, sadness. What was I going to do? At this point, I had already contacted my church and announced it to family. I never thought something like this would happen, but it does. And not just to me, to many others!

Just like that, my fiancee and I were on the move again. Honestly, we could have opted to stay with Venue 1 for a different day, and probably could have taken advantage of some extras for their mistake. However, we were so discouraged that we decided to take our business elsewhere. My father begged us to look at The Venetian, where my oldest sister held her reception five years ago. Knowing what she paid and what I could afford gave me no sense of hope. To make my father happy, we made our way over and my nerves were uncontrollable. On top of that, my mother was running late, so you can say I was a mess.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.19.35 AM.png

Toni Ann sensed my level of anxiety even through my failure of a poker face, and did not hesitate to make me feel welcomed. We communicated for a while until my mother finally arrived, which meant it was time to get down to business. Toni Ann was attentive as I expressed my concerns such as pricing, room capacity, and the thousands of other details that come with a wedding reception. To make a long story short, my fiancee and I loved every single thing about The Venetian, and their noteworthy staff. Without hesitation nor fear of disaster striking again, we booked the gorgeous Palazzo Room for the same original date, January 4th, 2019.

To this day, I am beyond grateful that things worked out afterwards. Please keep in mind that anything can happen throughout your wedding planning process, and it won’t always be smooth sailing! Instead of expecting the best, plan for obstacles. This way, you will never be discouraged by any mishap that gets in your way, because you will expect the unexpected! XOXO

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