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Did you know you could help a great cause just by getting your makeup done for your wedding? If your answer is no, than you must not have heard of Deirdre Mahon, founder of DeeVa Beauty. Any time she performs a service, a percentage of her profit will contribute to the wellness of animals in a certain way. Her unique sense of caring and awareness caught our eye–but wait until you see her talent. Below is her own description of both herself and her services, followed by a slideshow of her gorgeous work.

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Hi! I’m Dee. Your Personal Beauty Assistant.

I have always been fascinated with beauty, glamour and makeup.
From a young age, I always knew that beauty has the power to “lift the soul.”

I was also raised on all the Old Hollywood movie starlets and am a huge fan of the provocative pin-ups. I love the power of subtle seduction.

After getting my cosmeticians license, I freelanced for Lancôme, Estee Lauder and a few other prestigious cosmetic companies.
But I still saw a need to connect with the classic glamour and style I grew up with, so DeeVa Beauty was born.

I am the Dee in DeeVa Beauty!!

Friends call me fun, nurturing, and a ‘calming soul’.
If you get stressed, no worries, I’ll help you through it all.

Though not an esthetician, my background and knowledge in health and nutrition allows me to help with skincare and I use organic, vegan and cruelty-free products.

Also, my background in ‘corporate’ has strengthened my organizational, customer service, and communication skills.

A few fun facts about me:
My second passion is animals. ALL animals!!!

I dream of having an animal sanctuary and helping to save animals.

Every makeup and/or purchase from DeeVa Beauty helps contribute to the wellness and safety of animals in some way.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, I now live in North Jersey with my two rescue poodles, Deeva and Lily.

When I’m not out preaching about how to add more glamour in your life, or why you should ALWAYS ‘Adopt..Not Shop!!’,  I love to hike, watch old movies, read suspense novels, and dream about that cruise around Alaska I’m going to take one day.
Dark chocolate, black coffee, champagne, pizza…and any type of potatoes make this girl happy!!!

Nothing is more exciting for me than making a bride beam with joy about how she looks on her special day. To be asked to be a part of such an important day is a compliment and an honor – one I take seriously.

So if you LOVE glamour, want to put your BEST FACE FORWARD, and are passionate about animals, then you’re my gal!

– Dee ♥

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