Avoid Consuming These the Week of Your Wedding

Throughout the past few months, you’ve probably cut out a number of foods and drinks in order to prep your body for the big day. At this point, you got the body you wanted and you’re ready to pig out. But don’t just yet!

There are many foods you might consider healthy, but still need to continuously watch, especially when you need to fit into a dress!


Ever heard of the term freshman 15? Did you doubt it after graduating high school, only to end up realizing it’s actually a real thing? Keep off the alcohol! Not only are some alcoholic beverages extremely high in carbohydrates, but excessive amounts lead to dehydration and several other issues such as hangovers. Trust me, you’ll make up for it with plenty of champagne on your wedding day!

Carbonated Drinks

This one was obvious–I know. Continue to cut out the soda and even seltzer! I know you’re aware of how much sugar is in a can of Coke, but did you ever consider how carbonation can make you extremely bloated? If you truly cannot fathom drinking regular water, spice it up with some lemon slices or even berries. You can even find Fruit Infuser water bottles on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond!

Excessive Fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… While eating fruits may be healthy, it is important to have them in moderation. Because fruits are categorized as “natural sugars/carbs,” we tend to underestimate the effect too much can have on our bodies. In fact, the fruit smoothie that you make every morning can have up to 95g of carbs! Avoid the smoothies for now, and stick to an omelette with a few berries instead! Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are optimal for keeping sugar intake low. 


Consuming too much salt will enable your body to retain water, therefore making you bloated. Sometimes, you might even begin to break out much more. Deli meats, smoked meats, chips, pretzels, and all fast food should be nowhere in sight. Stick to veggies and grilling.


Coffee is both a blessing and a curse. You can use it to curb your appetite in the morning and prep you for a long day of work. But then, you’re unable to function without it. Well, it’s time to learn how. Coffee can make your body acidic which leads to bloating and also, allows fat to hang on. If you can’t quit cold turkey, ease up on it gradually. A glass of cold lemon water in the morning can have the same effect and quickens your metabolism! 

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