20 Bridal Shower Themes for Every Kind of Bride

Having a specific theme for an event has become very popular, especially in the wedding world. Instead of the typical Brunch & Bubbly, we’ve come up with 20 interesting themes for your upcoming bridal shower!

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

We decided to start with the most popular of all themes, Tiffany and Co. Everyone adores a little blue box from that special someone, especially when it’s a proposal. Use these Tiffany blue boxes filled with acrylic gems as centerpieces to fit your theme!

2. Nautical

Anchors, sailboats, and seashells! The perfect combination for an ocean loving bride. The centerpieces could easily be turned into a DIY project, as well as the clever message in a bottle.

3. Spa

For the laidback bride who enjoys bubble baths, essential oils, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs. Treat your guests to hand towels and mini soaps as favors! Or you can even make your own bath bombs for them to take home from your shower to their’s.

4. Parisian

Take your guests on a trip to Paris with these classy Eiffel Tower centerpieces. They play a simple, yet elegant role on each tabletop perfectly pertaining to your theme. Top it off with mini macaroons at each table setting for a tasty snack on the trip home!

5. Bohemian

Flower crowns, tribal patterns, beaming color, and greenery. Give your guests the chance  to be a part of the theme and crown themselves. Not to mention, the bride’s chair is among the best we’ve seen. How stylish is that fur throw?!

6. Tropical

We love the idea of these tropical looking flowers hanging from the ceiling! The white space paired with the bright color and bamboo chairs take us straight to Hawaii. Find a bamboo room divider and decorate it with bright balloons and artificial leaves like these for a perfect photo background!

7. Winery

This centerpiece is absolutely stunning. We can see ourselves sipping wine in a vineyard deep in Italy. Most people end up throwing out their centerpieces, but your guests will definitely want to take this one home. Pick a creative bridal shower game where one person from each table can win one to take home! Rewined Candles are beautifully packaged candles with various wine scents that would make great game prizes or favors!

Check them out at https://www.rewinedcandles.com

8. Vintage

After seeing several vintage engagement photoshoots, we figured why not make it a bridal shower theme? With a little lace, burlap, and rhinestones, you can turn an old mini suitcase into an adorable card holder. Head to a nearby thrift shop and find a vintage frame to recreate this lovely display of photos. The vintage engagement photos would be the perfect touch!

9. Rustic

One of our personal favorites! There’s nothing more comforting than a warm colored wood and pastel colored flowers. A rustic theme comes with an abundance of DIY projects that can save you tons of money like this recycled palette of wood used to hang photos. Stain a piece of plywood, stick it on an easel, and design your own welcome sign for guests as they walk in. So many ideas but such little space! Maybe we’ll do a separate article 😉

10. Tea Party

For the classy and quaint bride-to-be. How clever is it to use teacups as both a placement card and a favor?! If that’s not enough teacup for you, grab some plates, more teacups, flowers, and a teapot to create this cute centerpiece for each table!

11. Around the World

Our travelers will love this theme and its catchy tagline, “Traveling from Ms. to Mrs.” This world map is a great background for photo ops, and even for you to keep forever! Using globes as centerpieces on each tabletop accents the map completely, and they can be decorated however you’d like!

12. Chic

Black, white and pink–a fashionista’s favorite color combination! Our fashionable brides know how to dress up party decor without overdoing it by the looks of this table setting, but they do make sure every detail is thought out. I mean, even the ice cubs have style!

13. Once Upon a Time

This one goes out to the girl who never wants to grow up–and that’s totally okay. Weddings are all about our Once upon a time’s and our fairytale prince. What better way to display this theme than vintage looking books covered in moss and this Happily Ever After table of sweets?

14. Gatsby

A little party never killed nobody, am I right? There’s something about The Great Gatsby and the 1920’s that totally takes our breath away. This welcome sign is a MUST HAVE to match your party at Gatsby’s and as if your guests didn’t get enough, send them home with martini glass souvenirs!

15. Picnic

This set up is so comfortable and relaxed! Host your own picnic bridal shower in the comfort of your own backyard and you won’t have to worry about the cost of a venue! This is totally ideal for those who don’t feel its necessary to spend that much money on a shower. Not only will the atmosphere be more cozy, but you nor your guests will have to be limited to fancy apparel. Dress up or down as you please.

16. Disney

Whoever said Disney is just for kids is downright wrong, and clearly they haven’t drank around the world in Epcot (wait on it!). We’ve all got a little bit of princess in us, which is why these covered roses similar to Beauty and the Beast make the perfect centerpiece. For our Mickey lovers, these DIY Mickey head mason jars can act as both centerpieces or drinking cups!

17. Floral Garden

Most of our previously mentioned themes do involve flowers, but this is for the ultimate flower lover! If you just can’t get enough of them, you might as well make ALL your decorations floral. There are several backdrops, like the one above, that can be purchased or created on your own in many different ways! This one just stood out most, because, well, look how extra it is! Not to mention, decorated letters aren’t just for the head table at a wedding. The bride-to-be should get her own, too!

18. Coco Chanel

What says diva better than a Chanel themed bridal shower? These Chanel perfume centerpieces are SO easy to make. Just purchase rectangular acrylic boxes, print out the label, and throw some flowers in it. Use the same label, but modified to create placement cards!

19. Autumn

Vibrantly colored leaves, apple picking, pumpkin pie, football Sundays, hot chocolate, we could go on FOREVER. If the fall is your favorite time of year, why not book your shower during that time and match the decor? This pumpkin cardholder adds the cutest touch to an autumn evening, and of course, golden pumpkins and acorns along the tables.

20. Desert Bloom

Cacti, succulents, and bright flowers all make such an inviting environment for a bridal party. A desert bloom themed bridal shower would be held best outdoors. Find a piece of land that you can rent for a few hours, or even in your backyard. Hanging string lights across the area would brighten the atmosphere while giving it a cozy touch. Why not throw on a flower crown to top it all off?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our many themes for a bridal shower! This list could go on, but we would be stuck here forever. We’ll be sure to continue it another day.

Until then,

        -xo, MM

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